About me


It is delightful to introduce myself; my name is Adam, and I am a highly skilled graphic designer who hails from Poland. My expertise and passion for design lie in creating exceptional web applications for different industries, IoT applications, and mobile apps. Moreover, I possess significant aptitude in developing online stores and websites using WooCommerce and WordPress technology.

My educational background is rooted in a degree in advertising organization and design. During my studies, I uncovered an immense passion for creating websites that not only featured a visually appealing appearance but also demonstrated programming skills to implement projects seamlessly. This venture led me towards the captivating world of UI/UX design, where I continue to grow both personally and professionally.

As an experienced designer, I take pleasure in sharing my knowledge and inspiring other designers by introducing them to new tools and solutions that can help improve their workflow. With over 15 years in the industry, I am excited to share the experience I have gained over the years.

When I am not busy designing, I unwind by cycling and exploring new terrains – this season saw me cover a magical distance of 2000 km on my bike. In winter, I enjoy snowboarding with my beloved child. Additionally, photography is another craft that brings me immense fulfillment. I am constantly carrying my camera to capture fascinating portraits of interesting individuals and other stunning moments worth immortalizing in a photo.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – I am always eager to connect with fellow designers and enthusiasts.

Things I love:

🏂 Snowboarding
🚴 Bike
🍃 Nature

🧳 Traveling
🥘 Food
🦙 Animals

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For food industry professionals, the Restaurant Menu Starter Pack and Doner Kebab A5 Flyer boast mouth-watering designs. You can showcase your branding or artwork realistically with my Proposal Paper Folder Mockup and City Outdoor Mock-Up Pack.

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At Right Information, as UX Designer I worked on exciting projects such as an IoT web app for pump industry, an energy management control panel, and an e-commerce platform. This role allowed me to showcase problem-solving skills and find unique solutions to complex design challenges.

I maintained brand consistency and worked on intriguing projects as the Head of Design/UX Designer at Pasibus. My favorite project was the Pasidostawa e-commerce platform where I worked on UX, design and front-end web development.

At Kaczmarski Group, I was a Designer and Front-end Developer responsible for graphic design, UX, video editing, front-end web development, and Google ads. I gained valuable experience and honed my skills on a variety of projects.

As Head of FM World’s Graphic Department, I oversaw brochure and packaging design, website redesign, and workflow optimization. I also contributed to exciting projects including Nutricode’s Mobile & Web App, a perfume search engine, and Global Networking Forum Event (Design & web).

Overall, my experience has allowed me to work on some incredible projects and develop a broad range of skills that I can apply to any design challenge. I’m excited to see what the future holds, and look forward to continuing to learn and grow as a designer.

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