Work In Progress...

A little sneak peek of what I am currently working on.

Work In Progress...

A little sneak peek of what I am currently working on.

Ingersoll-Rand's Design System: Creating a UX Ecosystem Case Study.

Design System created for Ingersoll-Rand using technical expertise and design proficiency to enhance user experiences.

NUTRICODE e-commerce website UX/UI Design

Discover my amazing designs for the e-commerce site featuring cool Nutricode products. Let's explore together!

NFG | Landing Page

I made a landing page for National Guaranteed Fund that looks great, is user-friendly and effectively promotes their B2B financial services.

Right Information - Biomedical IT

Right Information's Biomedical App is a secure and modern tool that provides real-time data access to healthcare professionals, improving decision-making and healthcare outcomes for patients.


I developed the NUTRICODE mobile app that uses healthy gamification to support user weight loss goals. I handled UX, UI and project management.

Pelican E-Commerce | UX Design

As a designer, I overhauled Pelican Worldwide's e-commerce Order Management system to optimize workflow and boost productivity. By restructuring the interface, simplifying navigation, and introducing new features, I improved the user experience and efficiency.

Other projects

I have successfully completed over 50 projects in various areas, such as digital marketing, web development, and graphic design. I enjoy collaborating with diverse teams and always aim to exceed expectations. Check out the examples below to see some of my work.

Kancelaria – Domański, Zakrzewski, Palinka

Legal Design

Food delivery platform – UX audit

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