Raise a Glass to Creative Freedom!

My PASIBUS Raspberry Beer label design is ready! Check it out and Cheers!

Brighten Your Beer Experience

See my latest label design process and discover the care, thought, and creativity that goes into creating a visually stunning label that represents PASIBUS brand. Check it out now!

The Beer, We Really LOVE.

Undoubtedly, PASIBUS Raspberry is the most delicious flavored beer on the market. Love for it definitely facilitated the design process.

The Design Process

I design visually appealing and functional products by analyzing user needs and collaborating closely with clients. I believe thoughtful design can positively impact individuals and society. With my skills and expertise, I create products that seamlessly integrate into users' lives.

Stage 1.

Analyze rivals to gain an edge. Identify opportunities and threats to achieve business goals.

Stage 2.

Let's brainstorm and explore all possibilities to find perfect solution - an exciting journey awaits!

Stage 3.

The designing process is where the party's at! Let's put on our creative hats and get this shindig started!

Stage 4.

Excited for product launch, nervous like a rollercoaster. Can't wait to see reactions!

Take a closer look

The label captures attention with numerous details, creating an amazing space of beauty. It is tailored to the product and encourages discovery of hidden details.


Be sure to click on the image to see it enlarged.

Enhanced EAN code

I noticed this in Japanese FMCG products. Japanese designers are masters at incorporating EAN codes in their designs.

The journey

While waiting for your order at the restaurant, looking closely at the label, you take part in a small adventure discovering new details every moment.


The labeling and branding refer to the PASIBUS brand. The fonts are clear, making it immediately evident what to expect from the packaging's contents.