Design for a great cause

The Wrocław-based software house, Right Information, has created an excellent tool that helps oncologists find relevant scientific articles related to the types of cancer that they are interested in. It enables them to implement cancer treatment faster and diagnose patients with greater accuracy.

Revamping UX and UI

I redesigned the UX of the application in a way that made it much simpler and required no technical knowledge. At the same time, I improved the UI, making the application much more visually appealing.

The Design Process

I design visually appealing and functional products by analyzing user needs and collaborating closely with clients. I believe thoughtful design can positively impact individuals and society. With my skills and expertise, I create products that seamlessly integrate into users' lives.

Stage 1.

Analyze rivals to gain an edge. Identify opportunities and threats to achieve business goals.

Stage 2.

Let's brainstorm and explore all possibilities to find perfect solution - an exciting journey awaits!

Stage 3.

The designing process is where the party's at! Let's put on our creative hats and get this shindig started!

Stage 4.

Excited for product launch, nervous like a rollercoaster. Can't wait to see reactions!